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Cerakote Services

Stonebridge Gunworks can apply highly-protective ceramic coating called Cerakote to virtually any hard surface. This includes all types of metals, polymers, and plastics. Every Firearm is professionally dissembled, all surfaces to be coated are prepped using our propitiatory 5 stage process, ensuring the best finish for your firearm. After the finish is baked into smooth hard goodness, your Firearm is professionally resembled guaranteeing a perfect fit and finish.

Check out the videos and information below to see how our coating stands out from other finishes. All tests were conducted using the international standards methods as approved by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).  All testing was performed in certified labs.

Stonebridge Exclusive Patina Finish

Stonebridge Exclusive Patina Finish

Stonebridge Exclusive Patina Finish

Stonebridge Exclusive Patina Finish

See what happens when Cerakote is tested head to head with six other competitive finishes in the Taber Abrasion Test (ASTM D4060).

See who Finishes Strong in this Corrosion Test (ASTM B117) between two barrels, one coated in Cerakote Ceramic Coatings by Traditions Performance Firearms and the other with Black Nitride Rust Proofing by CVA.


Stonebridge Gunworks LLC is a Federal Firearms Licensed Manufacturer (FFL 07) and is able to accept firearms from anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.  Please read the shipping instructions below.

Payment is not due until the project is complete. At that time we will email you an invoice that you can pay online with a credit or debit card. Once the payment has been received we will ship the project back to the address from which you shipped the project. We will contact you when we receive your shipment and go over the work to be completed. There is no FFL needed on your end as long as you are the owner of the firearm or there are only non-firearm items in the package as described by the ATF.

It is your responsibility to comply with all federal and state firearms laws and shipping company policies when sending firearms. Please check your local laws prior to shipping. This only applies to parts designated as a “firearm” or when sending a complete firearm.

Lifetime Guarantee!

We guarantee that our coatings will never chip, crack, peel or flake! If they do you can send the items back to us and we will coat them again for no additional charge.


Custom Firearms


Glock 40 Hunter 10mm

All Custom Firearms are built to order and have a 2-3 Week ship time from purchase.

With a 6.5 inch KKM Precision Match Grade Barrel with 9/16×24 Suppressor Threads and an Upgraded Recoil Spring the Button Groove Rifling allows you to deliver the hardest hitting hard cast and Copper rounds with over 700 ft lbs of energy with less felt recoil than any revolver! The 3 MOA red dot is Co-Witness to Dawson Precision sites We site in each pistol for out of the box accuracy. The finely tuned hand fit trigger breaks at a crisp 2.5-3# delivering incredible accuracy.

Prices Starting at: $1495

Please call us at 816-287-1122 to order any Custom Firearms. Not available for online purchase.

Custom 458 SOcom AR-15's

All Custom Firearms are built to order and have a 2-3 Week ship time from purchase.

Our custom hand-built riffle Options: Elftman Tactical Adjustable triggers, Wilson Combat Match Grade Barrels, Cobalt  Kinetics Grips, Stocks and Buffer kits, Carbon Handgaurds by Coda, or Aluminum Handgaurds, Billet upper and lower receivers. A perfected Cerakote finish on your firearm is better than anything on the market today.

Prices Starting at: $1795

Please call us at 816-287-1122 to order any Custom Firearms. Not available for online purchase.

This is a serialized FFL item. This WILL require shipping to an FFL or 4473 for local pickup in Lee’s Summit. ALL Federal, State and local laws apply.

Custom Firearm Services


CZ Shadow 2 Trigger Package

  • CCGW Race Hammer with adjustable sear

  • 2 x HPIN, super hard and super smooth hammer pins

  • HS-12000 (11.5#) & HS-13 (13#) hammer springs

  • 1489-T6 super hard disconnector

  • EXT-FP S-7 tool steel extended firing pin with matching spring

  • S-spacer machined alum sear spacer

  • RRK Reach Reduction Kit

    Cost $355 Including Parts

1911 Target Trigger Package

  • Fit and install new EGW trigger, EGW Lightened Hammer, EGW Disconnector, and EGW Hard Sear.

  • We finish the Sear and Hammer Hooks on Power Custom Quality Jigs and Sear Spring tension is set using a digital gauge for consistency.

Cost: $275 Including Parts

CZ P10 Competition Trigger Package

  • HBI Theta Trigger

  • CGW Reduced Trigger Pull Striker & Spring

  • CGW Reduced Power Reset Spring for

  • Cost: $175 Including Parts

CZ P07/P09 Trigger Package

Photo Jan 03, 20 13 32.jpg

Delivers a superb, crisp, 1911 like SA, 8.8 – 8.12 pound DA, and reduces the SA reset an amazing 50% for effortless double-taps

  • Cajun Gun Works Pro-Grade Upgrade Kit

  • CGW EDM Machined Hammer 91000

  • Short Reset Kit Reduces SA Reset 50%

  • CGW Music WIre Hammer Spring, matching firing pin spring and firing pin block plunger spring

  • Precision machined heat treated and polished roller.  Noticeably improves the DA smoothness and corrects timing issues

  • Reduced power trigger return spring

Cost: $300 Including Parts

Tanfoglio Henning Group Trigger Package

Photo Apr 01, 19 56 31.jpg
  • Henning Flat Trigger System for Tanfoglio Single Action Pistols

  • The Henning Ultimate Hammer and Sear Kit upgrade for Tanfoglio Single Action pistols. The kit contains:

  • EGW Prepped Hammer

  • EGW Prepped Sear

  • Henning XL Firing Pin 

  • Wolff 14lb Hammer Spring

  • Hand fit and polished and professionally tuned to your preference

Cost: $395 Including Parts

CZ 75 Double Action Trigger Package

  • Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer

  • Super hard, heat treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins

  • CGW’s famous TR-PIN floating trigger pin made from S-7 tool steel (lifetime warranty)

  • CGW Reach Reduction Kit including our “hybrid” disconnector and modified “Old Style” 75585 Trigger

  • Reduced power music wire trigger return spring RP-TRS

  • Short Reset System

  • Hand polished and professionally tuned to your preference

Cost: $350 for Decoker Model $410.00 for SA Model Including Parts

Glock Trigger Package

  • Install Overwatch Precision Trigger and Bar.

  • Install new connector, springs and Titanium Safety Plunger.

  • For light target spring installs a Titanium striker is required and Cost is an additional $100

Cost: $275 Including Parts

Photo Apr 07, 09 53 18.jpg

S&W M&P Trigger Package

  • Install Apex Kit Forward Flat Faced Trigger and Apex RAM

Cost: $275 Including Parts


FFL Transfer Request

We are on file with Palmetto State Armory, Buds Gun Shop, Gunbroker, Oak Hill Guns and many more!

We charge $20 for the First Transfer, and only $10 additional for each additional transfer picked up the same day!


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