Why the Glock 19X is my defensive handgun of choice.

Thanks to the XM17 Modular Handgun System competition, the options available if you are in the market for a 9mm striker fired pistol is plenty. In the last year, I have carried and shot the Sig P320 X-Carry, FN 509, and the Glock 19X. Here is why the 19X is my selection for the best all-around defensive handgun.

My personal 19X in home defense configuration.

My personal 19X in home defense configuration.

The Glock is reliable and consistent. With a long proven history, I trust the design. I know that if needed the simple design will deliver. 

The gun shoots flat. With the lowest bore axis of the group and grip ergos of the Gen5, I can comfortably keep a positive high grip on the gun. Because of this I can shoot the 19X very fast and keep all the shots in the A-zone with ease.

The gun carries comfortably. The width and profile of the Glock carry well IWB or OWB. Holster options are seemingly infinite. 

Out of the box, the Glock Gen 5 trigger and reset are very nice. For those of us that always want to make something better, many aftermarket options are available. The Overwatch precision TAC trigger combined with the Taran Tactical GEN 5 TTI Grand Master Connector Kit will deliver a 3.5-pound trigger with a real wall and clean break while keeping the reset nice and short. Want more mag capacity? No problem those old 30+ round Glock mags, and the Taran Tactical +5/6 Base Pad Kit deliver reliable higher capacity options.

The Glock Night sites that come on the 19X are great, They are Tridium so they glow every time and unlike the stock Glock sites, they are made of metal. If you wanted to throw on some fancy colorful aftermarket sites, everyone out there makes a set for the Glock.

The Gen 5's do not have finger grooves on the front of the hand-grip. I love this, as the small frame Glock's of the past finger grooves were not a perfect fit for my hand. The Glock 19 has a shorter grip than the 19X, and could be concealed better. However, I much prefer the purchase of the full sized handle the 19X provides, and have no issue concealing the gun

Vincent Hall