1911 Rebuild - Range Officer 2.0

The 1911 is one of the best shooting pistols out there. No polymer, classic design, and the trigger and reset are better than most pistol platforms you can walk in and buy.

My good old Springfield Range Officer was a great purchase. The price point and no frills configuration were perfect at the time, and the 5-pound trigger was clean and better than any Glock out there off the shelf. Lobbing 45 ACP rounds down the range was fun, and the firearm performed quite well out of the box. But I wanted more from this old standby...

First, a clean Cerakote Elite finish was baked on to the Frame and Slide. Swapping out some of the old for some fresh slim grips, a set Dawson Precision sites, new stainless pin set, extended safety from Evolution Gun Works, and an extended slide release from Wilson Combat were all fitted to the gun. Years ago I purchased a Chip McCormick Power 10 Magazine, it would never feed reliably in the Range officer. This was curred with the EGW Higher Mag Catch as it is .020 higher, to hold the magazine higher in the frame.  it was time to get to the heart of this pistol and upgrade the ignition system:)

Wilson Combat's Bulletproof line of 1911 parts are made from excellent materials. The sear made from hardened Precision Wire EDM Cut from S-7 Tool Steel Bar Stock. The hammer, sear, and disconnector are from Wilson in this build. The Flat Evolution Gun Works Aluminum Trigger in a small configuration was fit to perfection in the frame.



Photo Jun 23, 20 53 14.jpg

I love the Power Custom Series One Stoning Fixture, with it I have been able to consistently get the results I am looking for when doing any sear work. For this gun, being a range toy and knowing my limits I tuned this trigger to the right about 2.5 pounds.

This gun now has a perfect fit and finish, the trigger is amazing, and my old standby 45 feels newer than new:) 

Vincent Hall