Soft Shooting, Accurate and Perfectly Balanced!

Soft shooting, accurate, perfectly balanced. With an 18" Wilson Combat Urban Sniper fluted barrel chambered in .223 Wylde/5.56 this tack driver is rounded out with solid and ergonomic performance buttock, buffer system and billet grip from Cobalt Kinetics. The F1 firearms 16.3" H7M - AR-15 ULTRA LITE HANDGUARD is perfect for the 18" barrel. Our personal favorite trigger is the Elftmann 3-Gun Straight Trigger is adjustable from 4lbs to 2 3/4lbs without removing from lower! The Billet YHM upper and lower are a solid match. The Cerakote Sniper Grey finish is baked on the upper, lower, handguard, stock, and billet grip for a perfect finish to this rifle. 

Vincent Hall