Customizing the Colt Competition 1911 9mm for Accuracy


We had a stainless Colt Competition 9mm 1911 come into the shop on a trade. We instantly ordered in some parts and got down to the fit and finish, looking to make this a dedicated range tack driver.


Evolution Gun Works makes the best-hardened sears and hammers to work with. Hand fitting the new EGW short trigger to the tightest tolerance, some minor work to the EGW sear and lightweight hammer on the Power Custom Jig made this new ignition system break like a glass rod in Antarctica at 2lbs 4.9oz averaged on the Lyman Digital Gauge.

We replaced the Huge Fiber dot that came stock on the Colt with a .100 Dawson Precision Fiber front sight and appropriately centered the factory rear sight to within .001.


For faster reloads we outfitted the EGW mag-well in stainless with their 25 LPImainspring housing. We also replaced the factory magazine release with an extended Ed Brown piece. We replaced the grips with some G10 Wilson Combat grips in the starburst pattern.

Moving on the the fit and finish of this 1911 we tightened the slide and frame tolerances within one thousandth. Hard fit a new slide to barrel bushing that is angle bored to the tightest tolerances ensures this gun will run smooth and group with the best of them.

We moved to hand checkering the front strap to 25 LPI to assist in providing a consistent hold for shooting fast and on point.

With the 17 pound mainspring and 10# recoil spring, this gun runs like a champ. To add a little weight to the front, we added a full-length guide rod from Wilson Combat.

Vincent Hall